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Had our first private swimming lesson here for my kids and not only did we receive fantastic customer service when we signed up, all my concerns for my son who has some special needs disappeared when I saw how supportive and accommodating his teacher was. By the end, my son who was afraid of the water didn’t want to get out!

Mel Balestri

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Swim away and it’s teachers are amazing. My 19 month daughter just finished the survival express program and I couldn’t be happier. I am so greatful that my little girl has been taught such a priceless skill and get comfort in the fact my daughter will have a chance should she find herself in a life threatening situation.

Lexie Baxter

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Amazing friendly clients and community of people! Friendly staff that prioritise the safety of their class and naturally develop a mutual trust and friendship with families. great programs that deliver results in water awareness and survival skills for all ages ❤

Hope Gomez

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Absolutely would recommend swim away any day! The teachers are amazing and take extra time to get to know your kid which helps to encourage how much they learn. My son has excelled in his swimming abilities!

Krystel Seach

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My 2.5yr old has improved so much with swimming, her confidence is amazing and the teachers treat the children as their own!

CJ Foad

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Swimaway is such a good swimming school! Best one I’ve been too and the teachers are great! Would definitely recommend 100%

Ashley-Jordan Crane

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The 3 Steps of Water Safety

1. Learn

We are passionate about helping children to gain water awareness and safety whilst learning how to swim in a fun and encouraging environment.

2. Achieve

Each stage of learning has specific development goals relating to the skill level of the swimmer. Our aim is to offer your child a happy and enjoyable experience while progressing them through our skill-based levels.

3. Survive

Child education program focusing on water safety, independence and confidence. We provide children with the skills they need to be safe in and around water.