We've Partnered With Prezent Box For More Thoughtful Gift Giving

SwimAway are now a registered Activity Provider on PrezentBox.

PrezentBox is for parents who are tired of receiving gifts their kids don’t need. They are a new online gifting platform that enables family & friends to contribute funds that go toward your child’ s sport, creative or educational activity fees.

It’s completely FREE for parents to use and you can redeem your funds with SwimAway to pay for your child’s swimming lessons.

Visit https://prezentbox.com.au/ to find out more and signup.

The 3 Steps of Water Safety

1. Learn

We are passionate about helping children to gain water awareness and safety whilst learning how to swim in a fun and encouraging environment.

2. Achieve

Each stage of learning has specific development goals relating to the skill level of the swimmer. Our aim is to offer your child a happy and enjoyable experience while progressing them through our skill-based levels.

3. Survive

Child education program focusing on water safety, independence and confidence. We provide children with the skills they need to be safe in and around water.