Our team loves teaching water safety.

A bit about SwimAway Operator and Owner, Lauren Robinson

SwimAway provides a safe, caring and fun environment for kids of all ages to learn how to swim.

Lauren Robinson, SwimAway Owner

Hi, My name is Lauren and I am the owner/operator of SwimAway.

We have been operating for over 8 years and have now expanded to 2 locations. I started this business after my first son was born.

My main motivator for starting our water safety initiative stemmed from my discovery of the sad yet real threat of drowning-related deaths for children under the age of five.

My passion for preventing avoidable drowning-related deaths drove me to create a learn to swim program that was aimed at improving children’s survival skills in the water.

I knew that there was no other program out there that focused on learning how to survive rather than learning how to have the perfect swim technique – so with passion and a fantastic team around me, we’ve created a program that can be implemented and taught to infants as young as six months old.

Our team – Your Confidence

All of our instructors are Austswim qualified and complete regular training sessions to further develop their knowledge and skills. Our instructors follow structured lesson plans to ensure the best result for your child.

SwimAway is the ideal place for children of all ages and abilities to learn to swim in a safe, caring and fun environment.

Our instructors are passionate about teaching children to learn to swim and to us each child is an individual. We pride ourselves in constantly updating our knowledge and training our staff in new and proven procedures in teaching children to swim.

Watch our video to learn more about our awesome team.

The 3 Steps of Water Safety

1. Learn

We are passionate about helping children to gain water awareness and safety whilst learning how to swim in a fun and encouraging environment.

2. Achieve

Each stage of learning has specific development goals relating to the skill level of the swimmer. Our aim is to offer your child a happy and enjoyable experience while progressing them through our skill-based levels.

3. Survive

Child education program focusing on water safety, independence and confidence. We provide children with the skills they need to be safe in and around water.